In addition to the bright sun, crystal clear sea, Halkidiki is a region steeped in history, and is rich in both natural and man-made monuments. Explore them with us!

It would be a blatant crime to head straight to a deck chair on the beach in a region that is decorated with green vineyards, saturated with history and gifted with terrain for diving, kayaking and cycling, and just contemplating nature.
Explore famous caves
Hurrying to get to the coast, travelers, as a rule, miss Halkidiki. But this area, with roads carved into a rocky substrate and extending to cypress forests clinging to the hills, gives the ride a dramatic ride. Go deep (literally) into this ancient land, exploring the cave of Petralon, 50 km southeast of the second city of Greece, Thessaloniki. Excavations in Petralona in the 1960s discovered Paleolithic tools and weapons, animal skeletons and the skull of Petralona, the remains of a hominid, which is about 700,000 years old.
Visit Mount Athos
Empires rose and fell, but despite centuries of devastating changes, the spiritual activity on Athos continued serene for more than a thousand years. If you are a man spiritually inclined and not afraid of strict living and paper work, with a little preliminary preparation you can immerse yourself in the everyday rhythms of monastic life. Fortunately for women travelers (and men who are not indifferent to prayer), curious visitors can take a look at the unusual architecture through the sea cruises of Athos.
8 wonder of the world
World Heritage meteors are an unusual, mystical landmark in Greece. This place is one of the most visited and receives more than two million visitors annually. Massive peaks of smooth cliffs are an ideal landscape for a plot of incredible fantastic stories in which mysterious "floating" Monasteries complement a strange and beautiful landscape.
Pine forests and rocky hills from the height of a mountain bike
On Kassandra, the westernmost "finger" of Halkidiki, you can sweat, but not from sunbathing, but from a more useful and informative leisure. Feel the freedom and beauty of nature on a mountain bike: excursions ply through the pine forests inside the peninsula. The people nicknamed them "camel humps." Such an attraction will surely make your thigh muscles scream, but the agony and burnt gum are worth the price of the glowing Thermal Bay. The main roads of Halkidiki embrace the coast, so the internal beauties are hidden from noisy roads and you can only get to secret beauties by bicycle.
Enjoy diving lessons
Why admire the shimmering surface when you can dive right into it? We recommend a good certified diving center, which organizes a diving expedition in two ways, aimed even at beginners and children. Get a unique opportunity to see Scorpio fish, sea bass and the sea bottom fluttering with anemones.
Relax in the thermal spa
The crystal waters of Kassandra's beaches themselves are already therapy, but there are water experiences on the southwest coast with even better health benefits. In the Agia Paraskevi thermal baths you will find a surgically clean bath complex, fed by hot mineral waters. In addition to public and private bathing areas, there is a sauna and hammam to relieve muscle tension.
Kayak at sunset
If you ever dreamed of swimming at sunset, drowning in the golden rays of the sun, you have a chance to row to this golden horizon on kayaks. they are ideal for seeing copper light tinting the waters of the Aegean Sea.
Best parties in Greece
Halkidiki Peninsula is a concentration of bars and nightclubs. Here you can at the same time enjoy the evenings of live music, and "revel" with friends. Near the village of Pefkohori, 4 large night clubs are concentrated, as well as a huge number of bars! It will not be boring!
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